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We all have our own stories and they are all very different, my thoughts and opinions expressed here, have evolved from my own life experiences.
You are free to disagree with me, but DO NOT judge me until you have walked in my shoes!

I'm an Aussie 'Solo' Grey Nomad, living full time in my old Benz Bus
'FREE 2BME' for the last 10 years and fully support the towns I visit.
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Free Camping is exactly what the name implies. It may be a Bush Camp, Rest area or even just parked on the side of the road.  An overnight spot can be just about anywhere, just bear in mind there may be local Laws or Regulations in place.
If you are asked to move, then move. Another spot won't be far away and it's a whole lot easier and quicker than getting into an argument with the authorities that you will not win.

Some people don't agree with the idea of 'Free Camping', others simply choose not to, that's their right and good luck to them. But there is a large and growing number of people choosing to Free Camp. It is also their right to do so.

I've been told more than once that I should use and support caravan parks.  I ask why?
Are you happy to part with your money for something you do NOT want or need?
They have nothing to offer that I want or need that is not easily available elsewhere. 
In fact they cannot offer the things I do want and do have when I am FreeCamping.
I support RV friendly towns & places I visit and I'm also a financial member of
several clubs that also support & subsidise facilities for travellers.

I'm a pensioner living week to week and cannot justify or afford to pay what they ask and I am yet to figure out what they have to offer me for my money other than all their rigidly enforced rules and their mandatory 2 person tariff.
My old bus is fully self contained and I have everything I need on board. There are no rules to free camp, except for a little common courtesy and consideration for any neighbours that may be nearby.

To camp alone or with good company in the bush, in the outback, by a river or the beach gives me a sense of peace, contentment and freedom that I have not found anywhere else.

Free camping is also the ideal setting for my hobbies of Photography, Ham / Amateur Radio, Bush and Wildlife Exploration, and Night Sky Viewing.

I feel safe Free Camping, there are less people around, more space to move and people are generally happy to be where they are and doing what they are doing. Therefore I am much less likely to encounter any of the problems commonly seen in places with lots of people in city and residential areas.
If or when my instinct says this may not be a safe place, I simply move on.

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If you know of any really nice dog friendly 'Free Camps' that are not limited to only one or two days
and suitable for a 18.8 metre long, 3.6 metre high, 14 tonne Motor Home, please 'Contact Me'.

Be Happy & Cheers
Mark B

FreeCamping - Need to Know Info (Click here)

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Now,  A few words to Caravan Park Proprietors / Managers

Pic here
I have a large Motor Home with a Trailer (18.8 metres long)

I have a large dog that likes to walk free.  I do!
I have a large awning that requires ropes and pegs
I use large HF Amateur Radio antennas
I use a ground mounted satellite antenna and sometimes my telescope late at night!
I enjoy photography without having to address concerns and explain why I am taking photos!
And on the ' rare ' occasion I may want to use my generator!
And I love the bush, nature, our wildlife and being at one with it. You can't give me that!

I will not provide proof of my identity or email address to you, and I do not have a credit card!
Also, I don't want to have to abide by your rules and regulations. There are enough already imposed by local, state and federal governments.

I need space to stretch my arms without touching the occupant parked next to me and I like to walk in peace at night without being questioned about my right to do so and I love cooking over my campfire too.
And I will not park my car and my trailer somewhere else because you don't have a campsite to accommodate.  And / Or have to pay extra $$$ 

I don't have pay TV because I will not pay for Commercials, don't like Reality crap, Incessant repeats and other channels I will never watch. So my point is, that I deeply resent being expected to pay for, or to subsidise anything I do not want or need!

1. Electricity                                                I have my own solar power
2. The mandatory 2 person tariff           I am only 1 person
3. Showers and Toilets                             I have my own
4. Jumping Castles / Water slides etc     I am too old and past it now
5. Swimming Pools / Pool Tables            I am just not interested
6. Barbeques and Washing Machines   I  have my own

It is cheaper to rent a 3 bedroom house in the country than it is to stay in my own Motor Home in a caravan park and I never have to dodge skateboards, scooters, bikes or footballs or wait in a queue to use facilities or ever have to turn down my Music or TV so the van parked next to me cannot hear it.

If you will not allow me to do what I can do whilst FreeCamping, how can you expect me to stay in your Caravan Park?
You want my money - but you have nothing I want.
If you were in my place you would feel as I do.

Please leave me in peace and I'll do the same for you!

Comments from nice people via our Contact form are Encouraged & Welcomed.