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We   were   loving   it,   until   Telstra   came   along!

To whom it may concern,

We need help to stop Telstra installing a 52 metre tall  "High Power" mobile phone tower fitted with 2 X 2.5kW RF amplifiers (5,000 watts of RF) just 170 metres from our home.

We are a retired disability pensioner couple and have recently purchased our first home in the outback at Howell NSW.

We now fear for our physical and mental health, the loss of value in our property, our peace of mind and several other possible infringements on our lifestyle.
We are about to be assaulted by Telstra's manufactured radiation and they won't even talk to us! ! !   We have spoken to scientists and medical physicist's and they even agree that there is no-one on earth that can say any amount of radiation of any kind is safe, especially from Mobile Phone Tower Radiation. They are transmitting RF Radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during a blackout they are battery and generator powered.

Essentially we need to know who can stop this tower from being installed so close to our home and how to contact them.   If you can help please contact us here

We are NOT against this tower in principle, and we freely admit that we would appreciate a better mobile service than we currently have, but we just don’t want it so close or to be assaulted by their manufactured radiation 24/7. This is one of the many reasons we chose to purchase our retirement home and live here.
There are miles and miles of unoccupied land in this area that they could use that would NOT have any affect on anyone, but Telstra is intent on destroying our lives by putting this tower here.

Telstra has rejected an offer from Inverell Shire Council of a suitable site and $20,000 towards costs to install the tower at their preferred site at Fig Tree Hill (4.5k's from us) where there would be no affected residents at all.

We have contacted the Commonwealth, Federal and State Ombudsmans offices, the Telecommunications Ombudsmans Office, the Federal Mobile Black Spot program, the ACMA, our local Inverell Shire Council, Barnaby Joyce, Adam Marshall, Inverell Times, 7.30 Report, Current Affair, 60 Minutes, Sunday Night and countless legal services that just want money up front.     None of which seem to know or can offer any help or advice as to who can help.
We have also attempted to contact the landowner where this tower is to be installed who has not replied to our letter.  

Believe it or not, Telstra has told me more than once that there is no-one at Telstra I can speak to about their Mobile Phone Towers. 

Do you know of anyone anywhere that has the power to stop this going ahead so close to our home?

With your help we would hope that maybe you may know of a law firm that could offer any real help.  

It is an undeniable fact that there is no-one anywhere in the world can say that RF Radiation is safe, not even the scientist at ARPANSA or Specialist Medical Physicists or the World Health Organisation.   We just get told by Visionstream, ARPANSA and Telstra that there are "no known" harmful effects from mobile phone tower radiation.   Similar things were once said about thalidomide, asbestos, cigarettes, RoundUp, cement dust and many other things.

Our own research has found so much evidence from all over the world to support the fact that RF Radiation from Mobile Phone towers may in fact be harmful in so many different ways to the Human Body. It is also a fact that many countries around the world do NOT allow mobile phone towers within 1 kilometre or more of residential or industrial areas.

My partner of more than 20 years suffers from several medical, optical and mental issues. We have submitted medical reports to Telstra stating the effects that this tower is expected to have on her. .      I now live in fear of what her fears will do to her and ultimately myself. Telstra have completely ignored our submitted professional medical and psychological reports.
Telstra claims that they take mental health (among other things) very seriously, and yet they have refused to provide any answers or evidence to support this.
We have been asking but never had the courtesy of an answer for almost a year, how they take mental health seriously?  What steps and or procedures do they have in place for taking mental health seriously?

Here is a "Google Map link of our home".  Telstra’s mobile phone tower is to be installed just 170 metres to our west.  Zoom out and see all the unoccupied land in the area that could be used without any negative impact on anyone.

This is a link to the actual tower site https://www.rfnsa.com.au
   but don't blindly believe everything you see there.  Your own research can uncover the truth and what they are NOT telling us. This particular Telstra Mobile phone tower will be fitted with two 2.5 kW RF amplifiers (5,000 watts). That is a huge amount of power and that is just the start. They can add more in the future and lease space on their tower to anyone that wants it, including other mobile phone service providers. More  users means more radiation. In many locations, where one tower has been installed several more appear. . . and more radiation with it. Not to mention property values tumbling and our beautiful views of surrounding nature being impacted.

Telstra and Visionstream have refused to visit the site and meet with us at any time after several requests. All submission communications have had to be done by email and it seems we are unable to speak to anyone making these decisions that will destroy the rest of our life.
They have also chosen to ignore many of our questions during the “proposal” process and have refuted or ignored all of our statements made to support our many objections.
It is our belief that Visionstream have NOT passed on all of our correspondence to Telstra before making the decision to destroy our lives. If we are wrong then Telstra has NOT read, comprehended or cared.  

We have raised many objections to this Telstra tower being installed here, but the only response we receive is the same copied and pasted phrases several times,
-   “there are no known”   -   “Telstra is not aware of”   -   “Telstra has not found any credible evidence”   or  simply it  “remains unclear”.

Our Australian Constitution states that we have a right to feel safe in our own home. 
     And yet Telstra is going to have us in fear for the rest of our lives and it seems no one can or has the power to, or is willing to help!
          What good is the   "Australian Constitution"   if it cannot enforce one of our most basic rights to feel safe in our own home?

How can the Australian Federal Government allow anyone to assault someone with RF Radiation when no one one earth can prove is safe.
Not only are they allowing it . . . . .   They are funding it . . . . .   And with "our money" . . . . .

We are disgusted with Telstra and the Australian Federal Government, they should have a duty of care to it's citizens.
In this situation we feel    embarrassed    and    ashamed    to    be    Australian.

Please CLICK HERE if you know of any way we can stop or have this Telstra Tower installed somewhere else.

We are happy to send to anyone, that may be able to help our copies of everything submitted to Visionstream and Telstra and their replies.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page.

Mark and Kerrianne 
Howell   NSW

0412 895 281

Please call again.